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Investing made easy with Copy Trading!,What is ZuluTrade?

Introduction to Traders Program ; Creating a Trader account ; Trading platforms ; Performance, Stats and Indicators 22/06/ · HOW TO USE ZULUTRADE See and Learn 01 Choose one of the most suitable signal providers for you 02 Easily subscribe to selected signaling suppliers 03 Start using A beginner’s guide to the basics of managing a Forex account. Find out here how to place a trade. Decide which Currency Pair to choose and whether to place a Buy or a Sell order, at If you’re overwhelmed by trader choices, let us do the selection & management for you. Simply select the Combo+ that you want to follow and we’ll take it from there! Win-Win & transparent. With Zulutrade you can trade forex, commodities, indices, stock and crypto. Trade manually or through copy trading. Create a demo or live account today ... read more

Here you can download your first Manual:. SECRETS OF COPY TRADING. Open an Account. Follow a Portfolio. Currency trading with leverage implies an important risk for the investor and there is always the possibility of losses. These instruments carry a high risk if they are not managed properly and a profit can quickly become loss as a result of price changes. Due to the risk factor inherent to this type of trade, only funds intended for risk investments should be used.

If you do not have extra capital you may be willing to lose, you should not trade in the forex market. It has never been proven that there is any system or portfolio of systems that is completely safe and no one can insure future profits or losses.

Before you start trading in the forex market you should think carefully about your goals as an investor, your level as an investor and your risk aversion to determine if this is the type of investment you want to make. If you are in doubt you should seek advice from a professional financial advisor to advise you about the investment. Terms of use Privacy Policy Contact Us FAQ.

Zulu4me Blog. Try our services for free:. Demo Account. Enjoy all our services for free:. Real Account. GET STARTED. BACK TO BLOG. Zulutrade Tutorial.

Zulutrade Tutorial In this Zulutrade T utorial we will explain how to configure a portfolio of automatic traders choosing the best ones. Set Up the account You will receive 2 emails, one from Zulutrade and another from Zulu4me. Discover the best traders The best trader you can follow is the one that will generate real benefits and not demo. Zulu4me Team.

Building and maintaining a trading strategy is hard. Whether you CopyTrade or Trade manually, we support the trading of Currency Pairs. If you are an advanced investor and prefer manual trading, you are always able to customize your settings or trade with a variety of advanced tools.

To kick off your trading journey with us, you will need to connect your account with a Trading Broker. Don't have a Broker? Don't worry! We partner with the most reliable Brokers worldwide, giving you the option to select one that best suits your needs.

See all Brokers. Transparent Fair pricing - compensate traders with your earnings. Traders Combos. Forex Stocks Cryptos Commodities Indices. For Our European Performance Page only, the below mentioned factors are also taken into account in order to form the list of the top Traders:.

For our US Traders page only, the Trader account must be compliant with the FIFO and No-Hedging market policy set up by NFA. The Performance page is updated several times per day, as trades and Traders' statistics develop. Performance page also contains visual indicators, helping Investors to identify certain Trader attributes. Most common of which are:. In order to appear in the Traders page, a Trader must first close 1 position, while a minimum of 8 weeks of trading activity is required in order to appear on the Traders page for Europe!

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Supported Brokers. Help Center. Trading Hours. Video Tutorials. Trading Guides. Investors' Guide. Send Feedback. About Us. Privacy Policy. Risk Disclaimer. Terms Of Service. Contact Us. Affiliate Program. Affiliates Program Guide. Trader Program. Trader Guide. Partnership Program. Forex Tools. Follow us on. Your trading results may vary. Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading.

If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market. Profit sharing accounts are subject to a monthly performance fee per selected trading system.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. With this ZuluTrade guide you are about to discover step by step how to effectively use ZuluTrade : from the platform characteristics, to the best strategies to research and use the Signal Providers , to the account management , this guide is a mine of useful information, simple and easy to use.

That you can follow all this guide with a up and working Demo Account , with the same features of a real one. With the InvestinGoal journey you started from the first introductory Investing for Dummies guide, then you discovered what is Social Trading and Copy Trading , and you also passed through the guide which revealed the market that can let the magic happen, the Forex Market.

Basically, you have received everything you need to finally start investing in first person with Zulu Trade. Do you want to discover other platforms like ZuluTrade, for example eToro , Naga Markets or Darwinex? Check out our Top 10 of the best Social Trading platforms. Zulu Trade is a financial services company. It operates the largest Copy Trading platform in the world click here to open a Demo Account and see it in a few seconds.

He was born in from an idea by Leon Yohai, a greek entrepreneur born in , active for some time in various online and mobile successful businesses. Leon Yohai is himself a trader since Due to the increasing work commitments, Leon realized he could not follow the markets as he wanted. The idea was to create a system in which other traders, which could instead follow it full-time, could trade in his place , while maintaining full control and full ownership of his account and his capital.

ZuluTrade aims to connect Users Followers and Traders Signal Providers through innovative and Proprietary Technology using advanced performance tools. In , ZuluTrade has joined forces with Formax Group.

ZuluTrade operated his HQ offices at Athens, Greece where the RnD and product team is located and also operates commercial offices at UK and Japan source wikipedia. ZuluTrade has grown and it has expanded its business network so much that today it supports about 40 brokers worldwide. The answer is AAAFX. In addition, Zulu Trade has a refund policy for those very few trades in which the replication had some problems.

The best ZuluTrade feature is surely the depth of analysis with which a user can study each Signal Provider performance. You can find a long series of precise data about his operational strategy, performance, and even the behavior of the Signal Provider.

You can even go to study each trade executed by a Signal Provider, discovering all the evolution that operation had from opening to closing. Another winning feature of this company is the advanced customization possibility of the replication settings.

As we will see in the next lessons, the investor has the ability to manage and modify at will every detail of its portfolio of Signal Providers and of its strategy.

For several years this company has proposed only one type replication, before finally offering an alternative. Let me explain. A trader may decide to open a trade with 10 lots, then another one with 20 lots, then another one with 5 lots. This will not affect you, because how many lots or mini or micro lots will be used on your account will be decided by you, and that value will be constant.

For example, if you have decided that the trader operations must be replicated in your account with an exposure of 1 minilot each, the trader may also vary with lot size, but in your account you will have one and only one minilot each operation.

How much these PIPs will be worth, you will decide it then. Zulu Trade even provides an automatic Signal Providers ranking. Their performances are studied and analyzed using an algorithm of its property called Zulurank , which returns an automatic traders ranking, based on their performance.

In this case, the follower must decide in what proportion he wants to follow the trading orders of the Signal Provider, with clear reference to the Lot Size he uses.

With this feature it is now possible to precisely follow those traders who vary the Lot Size of their trade, fully respecting their strategy and their money management. As we will see, however, this is still a new feature in ZuluTrade even though fully functional.

The only way is to personally view the details of the trades executed by the Signal Provider, to assess precisely the Lot Size used, making use also of Excel. The first problem for the vast majority of new investors is the over-reliance on the information of the Zulurank ranking page. Despite their efforts, this ranking is not reliable in order to make meaningful investment choices.

The algorithm tends to favor too much those Signal Providers that have good performance only in the short term. Those who have exaggerated performance in the short term are usually able to reach such numbers only by exaggerating, which means using very dangerous trading strategies, such as martingale, as we have seen.

We talk more about this in our post How to make money with ZuluTrad e. The truth, a post we really suggest you to read before proceeding. Apart from this, Zulu Trade is a platform where the follower investor has really the ability to manage his own fund in a professional manner. In addition to the technical tools, Zulu Trade is composed of a Social part. Investors can vote and comment directly on the work of a Signal Provider, so that all other investors can see the opinions of others and have an idea.

Also, you can see exactly what other follower investors like you are doing. Assuming that the majority of people who vote and invests is experienced or more likely NOT experienced as you, what is the point to trust their opinion? Better to have your own opinion, based on definite and professional information. Comments can be useful in some cases, when they make you aware of some aspects perhaps you had not been paying attention, but Zulu Trade is really the most complete and professional platform for those who want to become proficient in the use and analysis of performance data.

To facilitate the understanding of the use of its platform, this company offers the opportunity to experience the full service with a demo account. In the first chapter we will deal precisely with this: how to best open a demo account with ZuluTrade. You just need to go to that post, open you virtual account, set it up in a couple of clicks, and then come back here. Go now and read our ZuluTrade demo account guide.

European clients have a different one, in compliance with the new MiFID regulations on Copy Trading. the Non-European version , with all features active and available. The first block of information we will analyse is at the top of the My Account section.

Given its importance you will always find it at the top of the My Account area, regardless of the section you are in. At the top left you can find your profile picture, taken from Facebook, if you registered through the Social Network. At the top right of the profile picture is your name, and the identification code of that specific account is under the name. You may have multiple accounts all registered to the same name, so in this drop-down window you can see a list of all your accounts and you can easily switch between them clicking on each one.

The Margin Call -o- Meter is a very interesting data point, even though it is a calculation of ZuluTrade based on, as we shall see, approximate performance details. However, it is useful to always look at it after having tweaked the settings , especially at the beginning.

If you are an inexperienced investor, you can use the suggestions provided by ZuluTrade as a reference. Honestly, all investors, over time, based on their risk propensity and the desired returns, should give these percentages the appropriate importance. The Traders shown in this tutorial have been chosen randomly, they have not been studied or evaluated. The fact they are in this course does not mean that they should be followed or that we recommend following them.

To access the control panel, click on the icon on the far left of the screen, the one that looks like an odometer. This is the most important area for the performance analysis of your Social Trading account. In the left section of the page, you can see the situation of the entire portfolio , under it, is the list of connected and enabled Traders Signal Providers within it. how much the individual Signal Provider is making you profit in percentage, or how much the entire portfolio is profiting.

In any case, clicking on the portfolio or on a single Signal Provider, the Equity Line chart will be shown on the right. NOTE: all the graphs of this type on ZuluTrade provide the possibility to use the mouse to select areas of the graph to be enlarged. Simply click and drag the cursor identifying the area you want to enlarge.

With the time keys you can choose what data segment to observe, switching from all the available data, to last year only, or the last 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, or even the last 7 days, or day. We must admit, this is the section we know the least. With Social Trading, there is no need to trade personally, because you choose the traders who will do it for you. In any case, ZuluTrade allows you to open positions personally.

ZuluTrade offers you two types of visualizations , an advanced one, which is what you see in the above image, where each box contains a currency pair with the possibility to click on the sale and purchase price, with the spread in the centre, reported in pips between Money and Letter the only cost for your trade.

With the simple view , shown in the image below, you only have the complete list of tradable instruments on ZuluTrade. With this visualization too, clicking on money or letter will open the window to place the order.

Unless you are a professional trader, we highly recommend NOT trying to trade on your own. Trading is a very complex activity, which is why you can make a lot of money.

those already entered in the system that will go to market only if certain conditions, normally the price, are met. Within the open positions section, you will find the list and details of the open and not yet closed transactions , divided by Signal Providers.

An important thing to point out, is that all operations can be sorted based on each of the above-listed parameters, in either ascending or descending order. You can indulge yourself in ordering all trades according to their opening date, or maybe by entry price, or by current profit. At the top of the box you will also find a summary of the overall situation of the open positions, and you can choose whether to view all operations or filter them by Signal Provider, or by Details, which lists the operations without dividing them by Signal Provider, or by Summary, which displays the operations grouped according to the currency pairs we are currently operating on.

Pending orders are orders that will be automatically executed when certain price levels are met. In this sub-section you can see if there are any and what their parameters are.

Like before, this section also allows to sort the orders according to the value of each column, both in ascending and descending order. Within these two macro areas, open positions and orders, you will find the Sound on-off lever. This function enables or disables the acoustic notifications triggered when something in the section changes, because new trades are added to the list.

This Tab is divided into several subsections: History, Trade History, Cancelled Orders Log. Thanks to this section you will be able to track and analyse the historical trend of your account. This section displays a chart and a list of operations. The chart in the History section is completely customizable. You can decide the time intervals to be analysed, whether it should display all the available data, or just the data from last year, down to the data from the last day.

By clicking on the calendar symbol and selecting the start and end date, you can also view a specific period.

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If you’re overwhelmed by trader choices, let us do the selection & management for you. Simply select the Combo+ that you want to follow and we’ll take it from there! Win-Win & transparent. A beginner’s guide to the basics of managing a Forex account. Find out here how to place a trade. Decide which Currency Pair to choose and whether to place a Buy or a Sell order, at Introduction to Traders Program ; Creating a Trader account ; Trading platforms ; Performance, Stats and Indicators With Zulutrade you can trade forex, commodities, indices, stock and crypto. Trade manually or through copy trading. Create a demo or live account today 22/06/ · HOW TO USE ZULUTRADE See and Learn 01 Choose one of the most suitable signal providers for you 02 Easily subscribe to selected signaling suppliers 03 Start using ... read more

By clicking on the different options you can display the data according to the selected period. Terms Of Service. Find out more from our help centre or watch our tutorials to get you started. Join the most transparent social trading network! A value of 3 hours could make you believe that you have found a day trader, but maybe the Signal Provider uses two strategies, a long-term trades that last more than one day, and another with trades that last only a few minutes. It could make sense, in some cases, to open the same operations already opened by a Signal Provider if they were at a loss, maybe very close to their stop. Affiliate Program Trader Program Broker Partnerships.

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